Kid’z Katch

What is the Kid’z Katch!TM ?

The Kid’z Katch!TM is a new, unique, mom-invented and patented high chair accessory that makes every meal time with baby easier by reducing clean up time, hassle and frustration!

It attaches to most highchairs at home and at restaurants and it makes your life easier by helping to prevent food and other items that baby drops from landing on germ filled floors, and helping to eliminate messes and spills to clean up off the ground.

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Why will the Kid’z Katch!TM help me?

Babies are curious little people that are busy learning every day. They explore by putting everything in their mouth, and since they are just developing motor skills, they constantly drop things.

Has your baby ever dropped something on the floor, like a spoon, bottle, pacifier, or toy, and wanted it back, but you didn’t want to give it back to them after being on the ground for fear of germs? So you scrambled to clean it off, or found something else to satisfy them? Or perhaps you said to yourself, “5 second rule!” and gave it back, but felt a pang of guilt thinking perhaps you just gave your baby a delectable bite of bacteria?

Imagine not having that hassle of constantly bending down to the floor, over and over again, to clean up food and anything else your baby drops.

Imagine those dropped items fell onto a clean “safety net” that makes it easy for you to retrieve and allows you to give food and other objects back to your baby guilt-free?

Imagine less mess and spills to clean up off your floor!

Imagine going to the restaurant and not fumbling around under the table, or your neighbor’s table, to retrieve dropped utensils, toys, and yes, even your cell phone.

Imagine not leaving that embarrassing mess behind at the restaurant!

The Kid’z Katch!TM makes this all possible!

Is the Kid’z Katch!TM easy to use?

Yes! Easily “pop” it open, pull apart the hook & loop fasteners, slide it over your high chair (even with your baby already in the chair), attach the connector cuffs to the chair legs and, if necessary, pull the inside flap through, close the fasteners, and your done! In less than a minute the Kid’z Katch! is ready to make mealtime easy.

To remove it, simply reverse the process then twist the corners together to quickly collapse and pack it away in your diaper bag for a trip to the restaurant.

Click here for a video demonstration

Is the Kid’z Katch!TM easy to clean?

Yes! It’s made of PVC-free PUL coated nylon, so it’s non-toxic to you and your baby, plus, it’s waterproof! This not only helps to prevent spills on your floor, but all you have to do is wipe and scoop the caught food / crumbs into the trash (or on a plate if you’re at the restaurant). To disinfect, simply use your favorite disinfecting cleaner and wipe and you’re done!

Will the Kid’z Katch!TM work on my high chair?

As long as the high chair has four legs, it should work. The Kid’z Katch!TM has been tested on a variety of different chairs from many various manufacturers and has gone through years of careful design and development to ensure it can help as many moms and caregivers with babies as possible.

What if I don’t use a high chair, can the Kid’z Katch!TM help me?

Yes! You can still use it at restaurants for a much more pleasant dining out experience with your baby. Perhaps you use a booster seat on a dining roomchair or a barstool at home? No problem, as long as the chair or barstool has four legs, the Kid’z Katch!TM should work!

I don’t have much room, and the Kid’z Katch!TM looks big, will it work in my small space or in the restaurant?

A truly amazing characteristic about the Kid’z Katch!TM is that it’s flexible and that means it can bend and twist and not lose its ability to catch. When you are spoon feeding your baby, you can scoot right up to where you need to be, even scrunching up the Kid’z Katch!TM, and it will still catch your baby’s dropped items. You can even flex it to fit underneath your kitchen counter, or in between the legs of your dining room table, and it still catches!

At the restaurant, other diners, waiters and waitresses can walk by and brush up against it, scrunch it up, and it will pop right back into shape.In fact, the Kid’z Katch!TM has received much praise from many waiters, waitresses, and even restaurant owners! Can I leave the Kid’z Katch!TM on my high chair when I’m not using it? Yes. It is not necessary to remove the Kid’z Katch!TM every meal time. However, it is important to know that this product is not a toy, and YOU SHOULD NEVER LEAVE YOUR BABY OR CHILD UNSUPERVISED WHEN THE KID’Z Katch!TM IS INSTALLED ON A CHAIR.
Babies and children are notorious explorers and have a knack for getting into trouble. It is not recommended that parents and caregivers should ever leave their babies and toddlers unsupervised or alone at anytime, and even with this product.

Why not just use a splat mat or plastic sheet?

Splat Mats may help to protect floors, but they don’t help keep food and objects off the ground. Parents and caregivers must still bend down to the floor to clean and retrieve dropped objects. Food and items also fall a greater distance to a hard surface, so splat mats and plastic tarps actually don’t do a great job of preventing spills, splatter, or preventing items from rolling away. The Kid’z Katch!TM provides a shock absorbent catch surface and is about half the distance to the floor, so it works better to catch objects and prevent messes while taking up an average of 3 1/4 sq. ft. less than a splat mat.

Splat mats and plastic tarps can also bunch up and become a tripping hazard, and that also makes them unsuitable for the restaurant.

Not to mention, to truly disinfect a splat mat, you would have to get down on your hands and knees to spray and wipe it down, or take it outside to scrub and hose it off. Some are machine washable, but one has to wonder how often a splat mat gets tossed into the laundry when mealtime is at least three times a day, every day. If a splat mat is left on the floor for days or weeks, it is probably reasonable to assume it is just as dirty as the floor.

Why not just use lanyards for toys and other items?

Well, good luck anchoring and tethering spaghetti, crackers, fruit slices, peas, carrots, french fries, and other finger foods that baby eats. It’s also not convenient or recommended to tether baby’s eating utensils.

Let’s also face it, in this modern day and age, with all the remarkable learning apps on our smart phones, parents are giving their babies access to these devices more and more. There is no practical way to put a lanyard on a phone, but the Kid’z Katch!TM can catch it when babies drop it (and they will!).

There are some toys that have lanyards attached, and there are lanyards on the market that you can attach to some toys. But the fact is, you can’t tether most toys and objects, and babies get bored of the same toys quickly.What held your baby’s curiosity last week will quickly get dropped this week. Sitting baby in a high chair and letting them explore different objects, while you talk to your baby and describe the objects is a great way for them to learn! The Kid’z Katch!TM is there to help keep these toys and objects clean and off the floor.

Is the Kid’z Katch!TM just for babies?

No! Kid’z Katch!TM is not only helpful for babies during mealtime, but it’s works great with toddlers, preschoolers, and older kids during craft time, coloring time, or putting together LEGOS®! Children will continue developing fine motor skills throughout their early stages of childhood, and as such, young childrenhave a tendency to drop things. Just put Kid’z Katch!TMon your child’s kitchen chair, and alleviate their frustration (and your frustration) when they are working on their projects!

Kid’z Katch!TM Clean Less. Love More!

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